Horses at Wensleydale Show Online

Each year we have three rings of Horse and Pony Classes running, both ridden classes and in-hand, to suit many different breeds and all ages of horses and rider.  As we are hunting county with the Bedale, West of Yore and Zetland all local to us, we hold popular working and show hunter classes and with Middleham, the northern home of racing, on the doorstep the re-trained racehorses are well supported in terms of competition, enthusiasm and kind local sponsorship.

We are dedicated to the idea that Wensleydale show should still be about equestrian sport being accessible to all and anyone being able to bring their equine and ‘have a go’.  We encourage local and homegrown talent by retaining some classes unaffiliated to give everyone a chance and varying the classes a little year to year so that there is something for everyone.

This year is no exception- we’ve got a one-time-only donkey class, fancy dress for adults and children alike and have designed classes for family horses and ‘rising stars’ that are not necessarily show animals but have a lot to give.  The aim is to offer a  chance to equines and riders hidden away at home that wouldn’t normally be able to come to the live show – so we’re hoping that people respond to this and submit entries from all horses great and small, fluffy and all!

We are fortunate to have some cracking local talent in terms of Judges- Rosie Fitz-George draws on years of teaching and riding experience, Lynne Thornton runs a successful local livery yard and her passion for donkey’s knows no bounds and the Berry family are intrinsic to equestrian life locally and devoted to the work of the Injured Jockeys’ Fund.

I am very grateful to our judges and sponsors and do hope to see lots of entries, from our dedicated regulars and new faces both equine and human!

CHAMPION OF SECTION is awarded to EQ5-2 – Best Family Horse

Congratulations to Etty Bratley, The Bratley family and Candy!

“There have been some interesting entries for this year’s show and some worthy winners and

runners up. All entrants have made a special effort to enter what has been a unique event.

I have tried to choose a horse/pony that can fit every requirement of what a truly exceptional

year this has been for all the wrong reasons, and it seemed to me that the Family Horse has

emulated the kind of versatility that we have all had to show this year. This Connemara

mare is a ‘Mare for all Seasons’. The family seem to derive enormous pleasure from her,

and she is an integral part of the family, serving three generations of family. She is kind and

well-mannered and fits into the hand of a very well fitted glove with the family that she is

owned by and is well looked after much loved.” (Judge Rosie Fitz-George)

Our Judges comments:


Ridden heavy horse: The Alan Hutchinson Memorial Class

Video of an individual show of your choice, to include: a square halt sideways on to camera, walk and trot on both reins and a canter with feathers flying! Max 4 mins

All requested elements should be shown as they are featured for a reason- the halt sideways on is to assess him being a good stamp of a horse- in good condition, shiny coat, optimum body condition in terms of weight and well-muscled for riding. On the walk and trot on both reins they should be sound (show no lameness) and steady, biddable and listening to the rider’s aids. They should move off, change speed and stop on cue and look a comfortable, responsive ride. At least a short spell of canter will show off their feathering to best effect and show that they can be forward going and move powerfully to be a pleasurable ride yet keep calm and under control and stop safely.

We have put this class on in memory of Alan Hutchinson who as well as being a key committee member and organiser for the show, stewarded the Heavy Horse Section for several years. He enjoyed the spectacle and understood the historic importance of heavy horses at the show and did his utmost to encourage entries in a climate where keeping, breeding and decorating heavy horses is a dying art. He had considered starting a ridden class as it would open up opportunities for people who owned heavy horses purely for the pleasure of riding them. Sadly, he never got to see this come to fruition. We hope that it will be well supported as a fitting tribute to Alan, whom we all miss for his calm, kind presence and dedication.

Judge's Feedback

RESULTS: 1st: Paula Jenkins EQ1-1
Despite being the only entry, this was a worthy winner. The gelding moved nicely through canter, trot and walk and was obedient to commands. He shows some magnificent feather and freedom of movement with a pleasing head carriage. Correctly flexing from the poll and well turned out. Well done

EQ1-1 Paula Jenkins

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Carriage driving

Concours d’elegance- any horse, any vehicle (still photograph taken since last show)

Concours d’elegance is always about the overall picture being pleasing on the eye. The horse and vehicle should be a good match and the driver and groom’s dress appropriate for the style and age of the turnout. Harness leather, reins etc should match and fit the horse well. Grooming, harness work and vehicle should be immaculate and any equipment such as whips, aprons, lamps etc correct and in-keeping and in terms of the photograph, it should be posed well with horses attentive as if they would take you out for a pleasant afternoon drive!

Judge's Feedback

RESULTS: 1st: Joanne Dobson EQ2-1, 2nd: J K & M Metcalf EQ2-2
I have placed first in class to entry EQ2-1 in the Concours d'elegance for the Wensleydale online show. I must say it is disappointing having just the two entries to judge, however the carriage driven by the lady is a very smart turnout and needs congratulating as the winner - Well done!

EQ2-1 Joanne Dobson

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EQ2-2 J K & M Metcalf

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Most adorable local donkey

Donkeys photographed stood for a show or in their natural home environment are considered equally

Donkey to be in condition fit to photograph, CUTE and local as defined in rule 13:

(Local classes are confined to entrants residing within a ten-mile radius of Leyburn Market Place or within the remaining catchment area of the River Ure to the west)

Judge's Feedback

RESULTS: 1st: Janet Stirke EQ3-3, 2nd: Mollys Farm EQ3-2, 3rd: Michael Blanchard EQ3-1
First Place EQ3-3, lovely super cute donkey showing what lovely characters donkeys are, great pose. Second EQ3-2, irresistible mare and foal, lovely photo showing great bond between mum and foal. Third EQ3-1, lovely donkeys in a wintery scene, a shame the donkeys could not have been seen better.

EQ3-3 Janet Stirke

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EQ3-2 Mollys Farm

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EQ3-1 Michael Blanchard

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In-hand ‘Rising Star’

(still, side-on photograph)

Judged on conformation, condition and star appeal. Any breed, sex, colour or type as they will be judged on their own merit as a horse that has not yet taken a turn in showing but would be a good prospect.

Judge's Feedback

RESULTS: 1st: EQ4-7, 2nd: EQ4-5, 3rd: EQ4-1
EQ4-7: Connemara. Well presented. Lovely sloping shoulder, well developed musculature throughout the body. Typical Connemara eye, kind and expressive. ‘Leg at each corner’. Tail well set on and well covered. EQ4-5: Tri-coloured Cob cross. Beautifully marked and honest expression. ‘Leg at each corner’, and tail well set on. EQ4-1: Fell pony foal. Approximately 2 months old. Good stamp of native pony, well proportioned. Showing good shoulder angulation and developing hindquarters.

EQ4-7 Anya Wagstaff (Isla)

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EQ4-5 Adele May (Elmo)

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EQ4-1 Kim Hinds (Sleights Con Artist)

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EQ4-2 Mrs Tracy Rooke (Rumour Has It (Rio))

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EQ4-3 Clare Dewhurst (Trindod Khamsin)

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EQ4-4 Gill Lawn (Cilla White)

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EQ4-6 Sienna Stockdale (Bracken)

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EQ4-8 Emma O'Sullivan (Watty)

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EQ4-9 Wensleydale Trekking Centre (Teddy)

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EQ4-10 Janine Aldred (Dukeshill Dare to Indulge)

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Best family horse

Freestyle with safety in mind- could include: obstacle course, trick, opening a gate/ a change of rider

The world is your oyster! Horse should be friendly, safe and biddable for all the family – show us what they can do!

Judge's Feedback

RESULTS: 1st: Etty Bratley EQ5-2, 2nd: Helen Barden EQ5-3, 3rd: Louise Metcalfe EQ5-4
EQ5-2: Well what can I say about this lovely Connemara family member! Suits all ages and very patient and adept. You all seem to have had a great deal of fun putting this video together and I commend your media skills. A lovely, well-mannered mare who is obedient, supple, and well put together. Shows good paces throughout as well as handy horse/pony skills. Nice to see Round the World activity, certainly bomb proof! Well done. EQ5-3: Connemara Cross – what a sensible pony! A pony for all the members of the family. Lovely to see everybody having fun with him. Also, good to see his versatility with the harrowing. Do you drive him at all? I am so, if you do, he must be such fun. Lovely to see the child carrying out Round the world and how quiet and reliable he is. He is well put together with a kind, typical Connemara eye. EQ5-4: Merlin – lovely to see his rider having such fun and so much trust and confidence in him. Both happy jumping and carrying out some exercises together.

EQ5-2 Etty Bratley

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EQ5-3 Helen Barden

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EQ5-4 Louise Metcalfe

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EQ5-1 Annie Hill

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Fancy Dress (Adults)

(Still photograph, mounted or with horse in hand)

Adults the more hilarious the better

Judge's Feedback

RESULTS: 1st: Felicity Armstrong EQ6a-1, 2nd: Kerry Dainty EQ6a-3, 3rd: Charmain Fletcher EQ6a-4
EQ6a – 1: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Headless horseman, Hessian Cavalryman. What a super fancy dress, and well presented. Would not want to meet up with you on a dark night! Well-presented and photographed. Well done. EQ6a-3: Fairground Carousel Pony Action -packed! The photography was spot on, in mid-flight, well done. EQ6a-4: Going Shopping Unfortunately, I cannot make the picture larger to see the shopping list, but I am sure it will include horse treats! Best form of transport, much better than cars! Lovely to see you having so much fun. Well done.

EQ6a-1 Felicity Armstrong

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EQ6a-3 Kerry Dainty

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EQ6a-4 Charmaine Fletcher

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EQ6a-2 (No Entry)

EQ6a-5 (No Entry)

EQ6a-6 (No Entry)


Fancy Dress (Children)

(Still photograph, mounted or with horse in hand)

children the more imaginative the better!

Judge's Feedback

RESULTS: 1st: Pippa Fairburn EQ6b-7, 2nd: Jessica Asher EQ6b-3, 3rd: Ellie Rabjohn EQ6b-4
EQ6b-7: Covid -19 Really topical and enterprising way to evidence the NHS rainbow. I loved the lab coat and your ‘patient’. Well done. EQbb-3: Dr.Dolittle I would have looked to have given this equal 1st as the who family has been very imaginative. It is a marvellous effort and very well staged. I love the ‘horse ‘spectacles!’. Well done. EQb-4: Lock down Prom Date Again, very topical, the impact has been wide ranging. Love your dress and, ‘your date’ in his suit! Well done.

EQ6b-7 Pippa Fairburn

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EQ6b-3 Jessica Asher

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EQ6b-4 Ellie Rabjohn

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EQ6b-1 Olivia McMullen

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EQ6b-2 Charlie Robinson

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EQ6b-5 Summer Lappin-Smith

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EQ6b-6 Helen Mullen

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EQ6b-8 Grace Pickup

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Walter Dawson & Son Chartered Accountants

Founded in 1886, Walter Dawson & Son has been advising family businesses for five generations. After several years of growth, we operate from 8 offices throughout Yorkshire, in addition to Leyburn and Northallerton our team expands across Bradford, Dewsbury, Huddersfield, Leeds, Elland and York.
We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best accountancy package available, not only in terms of the advice we give, but in our approachability, passion to go above and beyond for our clients and professionalism.

With farming being rooted into our family background, agriculture is one of our specialist sectors. We have a clear understanding and can offer advice on the various difficulties faced by farmers and agricultural business owners.
We’re pleased to be supporting our local community in the Wensleydale Show for the 7th year on the trot and we’re especially delighted to be involved in the first online version. Wishing the best of luck to the show organisers and competitors!

For further information about our many services, please get in touch:
Website: https://www.walterdawson.co.uk/
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horses Judge
Rosie Fitz-George

We are hoping for some tough competition in the horse section this year and who better qualified to judge this year’s talent but a very talented equestrienne herself, Rosie Fitz-George.

Rosie has been a riding instructor for 34 years and an equine specialist throughout her professional career.  She has worked as an international event groom and with grade A showjumpers and for the past 20 years as a senior equine university & college lecturer and head of department, so she loves encouraging young riders and has spent a lifetime promoting the sport.

She has extensive experience in a wide range of disciplines, from intermediate eventing to playing polo and being a keen endurance rider, she has competed in the Golden series on her own homebred horses and organised the Golden Horse Shoe qualifier for over a decade.  Closer to home Rosie spent 10 years as County Bridleways Officer for North Yorkshire.

These achievements have led to great opportunities in recent years including being an international inspector for the BHS and timekeeper for the London Olympics in 2012.

horses Judge
Lynn Thornton

I live in the lovely market town of Bedale, where I farm Springfield Farm, a small mixed farm of fattening cattle and arable crops, with my son. We diversified in the 90’s into livery, originally to help ends meet, but it grew beyond our expectation and we are now the proud owners of a successful and busy yard with extensive equestrian facilities and 18 boxes for DIY livery.

Donkeys first came to Springfield in 1991 when we got a seaside donkey for winter for our children, this lovely lady never went back to the beach as she turned out to be in foal. Several others have followed over the years and have played their parts in school nativities and Palm Sunday parades. I have a strong passion for these lovely animals and look forward to seeing your entries.