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Homemade produce hit the headlines this year when there were unprecedented food shortages and the rising popularity of home cooking is evident from the lack of flour on the shop shelves ! We are hoping all our regular exhibitors will be joined by some new ones this year and in the future at the next live show in 2021!.


CHAMPION OF SECTION is awarded to F1-1 – A novelty decorated birthday cake

Congratulations to Amy Harrison

Congratulations to everyone who has “had a go” at any of the classes in this section-WELL DONE!

 I have chosen F1 – 1 as my CHAMPION in this whole section. A lot of care and skill has gone into the design of this cake and the piping was exceptionally neat and well done. The fondant was well put over the cake and the sides were appropriately decorated too. Obviously, Grandad likes gardening!
Well presented. CONGRATULATIONS” (Judge Anne Harrison)



A novelty decorated birthday cake

The cake will be decorated for a birthday and should be a based on a real cake suitable for use. The decoration will show originality and skill.

Judge's Feedback

RESULTS: 1st: Amy Harrison F1-1, 2nd: Jo Llewellyn F1-4, 3rd: Hannah Falder F1-9
Some artistic and interesting designs. Neatness is important, with no finger marks or messy corners. Sides should also be evenly and neatly covered. If not used to piping, practice first on a flat surface. If using butter icing try to get it very smooth or it is much easier to have a textured surface by using a fork or sprinkling with chocolate, nuts or other things which can be bought. Roll the top of the cake with a rolling pin, if the top is bumpy before putting on fondant to get a smooth top. Also take care to prevent the fondant from drying out when handling as this causes cracks or rough patches on the surface of the cake. Use a pastry brush to brush off excess cornflour or icing sugar. A good class with some very pleasing results.

F1-1 Amy Harrison

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F1-4 Jo Llewellyn

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F1-9 Hannah Falder

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F1-2 Jane Davies

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F1-3 Charlotte Gospel

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F1-5 Isla Arrell

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F1-6 Pippa Turner

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F1-7 Kerry Dainty

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F1-8 Jessica Stewart

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F1-10 Hannah Falder

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F1-11 Charlotte Adams

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An individual cold sweet in a wine glass

The sweet will be well presented and contain a sweet suitable perhaps for a beautiful summer evening, and may be based on seasonal summer fruit.

Judge's Feedback

RESULTS: 1st: Barbara Hadlow F2-6, 2nd: Pamela White F2-2, 3rd: Sharon Boon F2-1
Some delicious looking entries, all suitable to serve for one person. All were neatly presented. Decorations had been carefully chosen, and were attractive and appropriate. The biscuits served with some were good ,as they gave a contrast in texture when eating. It was difficult deciding the order of placing, but well done to all who entered.

F2-6 Barbara Hadlow

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F2-2 Pamela White

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F2-1 Sharon Boon

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F2-3 Faith Spence

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F2-4 Deborah Bell

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F2-5 Sue Barker

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F2-7 Rachel Jones

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A gateaux

The gateaux will be squidgy and delicious – the entrants will use all their imagination to produce the most delicious cake – and their families will be on hand to polish it off

Judge's Feedback

RESULTS: 1st: Jane Arrell F3-5, 2nd: Janet Green F3-1, 3rd: Faith Spence F3-2
There were some creative and original designs, with good use of colours. Neatness is important and techniques were skilfully and artistically executed. I also looked for the neatness of the join between cake and board and evenly covered sides. The decoration should indicate the flavouring eg. chocolate ,strawberry etc. The winner was simple yet elegant and the strawberry gateau looked scrumptious to eat, very difficult to separate for the winner.

F3-5 Jane Arrell

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F3-1 Janet Green

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F3-2 Faith Spence

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F3-3 Deborah Bell

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F3-4 Lynn

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A starter using fish

Going a little backwards the entrants will produce a starter including a fish element, to impress the judges it will include colourful imagination and beautiful presentation.

Judge's Feedback

RESULTS: 1st: Pamela White F4-1, 2nd: Jessica Stewart F4-2
Disappointing number of entries. The salmon mousse was colourful and good portion size . The pie looks more suitable for a main course which is a shame as it looked good to eat. Starters are always attractive served in individual portions and garnished to add colour

F4-1 Pamela White

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F4-2 Jessica Stewart

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An illustrated family recipe for a fruit pie

What is better than a piece of grandma`s apple pie and a slice Wensleydale cheese, now we are asking you to divulge your family secrets!

Judge's Feedback

RESULTS: 1st: Elaine Stones F5-1
Shame only one to judge, but looks evenly baked and crisp pastry, AND an apple pie without cheese is certainly like a kiss without a squeeze. ...... as the saying goes in Wensleydale.

F5-1 Elaine Stones

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Brymor Ice Cream

A little bit about Brymor Ice Cream… 

Situated just outside Masham at High Jervaulx Farm, Brymor Ice Cream remains the only producer in Yorkshire making ice cream with milk from its own herd of pedigree Guernsey cows. All of Brymor’s ice cream is made by hand at the farm with the calves and young stock from the herd on public view, who will one day produce the milk Brymor use for the ice cream.

The world famous ice cream parlour is open seven days a week and offers something for all the family with indoor and outdoor play areas; an indoor play barn; go karts; a dog exercise and dog friendly area; plus events throughout the year.  

Facebook: @BrymorIceCream

Instagram: @brymoricecream

Twitter: @BrymorIceCream

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cookery Judge
Anne Harrison

“Food and cooking have always been a huge part of my life, from my mother and grandmother in the farm kitchen to my father’s family who were master bakers.

The early years of my working life I spent teaching what is now called ‘Food Technology’ so I am passionate about encouraging everyone, whatever their age or ability, to be able to improve their cooking and baking skills, and keep these crafts alive”.

Anne is dedicated to making competitive cooking a positive exercise, helping people to perfect their art with encouraging, constructive feedback and boosting the confidence of newcomers by praising anyone who has a go!

She relishes the challenge of a new experience judging an online competition and looks forward to seeing your creations.